“Urbane Collage” | Sydney Poet David Landgrebe

19 Aug

It’s interesting to see the different faces, Walking- along busy streets in city spaces, sitting and chatting in familiar coffee shop places, every face a new page, smiling is the universal language.
Friends compete for personality status, the iPhone permanently renting the palms of peoples hands, take a look at their play stations!
Appointments- seem to take us to the same destination, working bees paying their bills with sweet folding honey. Grandparents pour cups of tea with words, discuss the weather and the share market reports.
Facebook tells bedtime stories to their younger generation. Birds pull out their music sheets to play their iTunes on the wires of telegraph poles, while the constant meowing of cars- horns and sirens- wash the streets grey.
Walking down sleepy lanes where the sun plays wistfully, dogs are wagging and waving their tails at neighbour’s, their hips are dancing with disjointed pleasure. The child plays out their parent’s idiosyncrasies, just like actors upon the stage.
Fine small details weave the fabric that makes up society, and civilization requires one long communications cable. Slow down- to see the hour hand move, time is but a fragment of sand blown across the dessert chasing dry grass.
Dust, mud and any penetrable surface give way to reality. Beneath the green lush lawn the grubs and worms reside. Bacteria line up for dance lessons. Coexisting flora, fauna, charge their cells in the sun.
Shaping clay dolls, and curve ball writing on walls with graffiti covered streets. Rebellious dudes paint the picture purple, wearing shiny new shoes. From microbial clusters of chromosomes, to dimples wrinkles and porcelain skin.
Native flowers are holding their own beauty pageant, the trees shade fostering- picnics on hot sunny days. Each new day born with constant beauty only seen by the few.

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