About David

Hi my name is David Landgrebe, here you will find the workings of my mind. I have recently begun the journey of learning, reading and writing poetry. I am accustomed to working physically as a landscape gardener in my company balconescape and when I come home I relish in the fact that I can relax and escape in the world of books, words and poetry. My journey as an artist constantly changes, in my earlier years I found myself creating commercial sculptures and props for the advertising and television industry. These skills turned their attention to the creation of designing and constructing landscaped gardens, within this field I have been commissioned to create works of art such as sculptures and water features in many homes on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. My hobbies include life drawing, oil painting, photography, clay & sandstone sculpture and poetry. I have recently found an overwhelming desire to learn more about politics, philosophy, and more recently the written word.

Please follow my journey, and leave comments on my works and if you like what you see subscribe to my blog.

Regards David


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